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Consigning With Us

Time Auctions Global LLC contributes its passion and energy to the auction trading market with acute awareness and utilization of new technologies and network platform operation. 

The company is full of vitality and well developed in its culture. We always have a different way to discover the auction market. We are capable to offer the best servers to our clients all over the world.

Consignment Contract

A specialist from Time Auction Global LLC will visit your home or check the photos of collections to preview your items for sale, discuss your desires, and answer questions about the auction process. Estimates of higher-end assets will be provided based on the current market and past auction records.


Next, you will be provided a seller’s agreement that includes a minimum commission fee for auction house services, with no hidden fees. Time Auction Global LLC will then quickly and professionally remove all contents from your home. This can usually be accomplished in one day or may take place in phases if that is preferable.


After being delivered to our secure auction gallery, your personal belongings will be inventoried and cataloged. Time Auction Global LLC will market auction items through professionally designed direct mail, targeted print and online advertisements, and postings on the Time Auction Global LLC and affiliate websites. Your items will be sold in a competitive marketplace via Time Auction Global LLC’s weekly general or quarterly fine art and antique auctions drawing both live and online bidders.

After Auction

Soon after the auction, you will receive payment and an itemized settlement that meet all legal and IRS requirements for estate-related purposes.

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